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Writer, screenwriter, person…?

Hiking in Colorado (photo by me)

Is there anything more sweat-inducing than the classic, “So tell me about yourself?” (Nope. I am literally sweating through my palms onto my keyboard right now.)

Don’t get me wrong; I think this publication is awesome! I just don’t know how to do this right.

There’s just something that feels…

It’s just not as simple as people like to think it is

Photo by Amanda Sixsmith on Unsplash

I recently wrote out my feelings about the ‘other woman,’ and in many instances, the comments I got were reminders that the situation was my partner’s fault, suggestions that I should leave him, or implications that because I chose to forgive him I should have no more feelings on the…

New and interesting writers!

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Hey Medium Family!

It’s time for another quick check-in from About Me Stories (which as of this moment, has 1,930 followers!).

Writers, thank you for your stories, your introspection, and your honesty.

Readers, I think you’re going to enjoy this week’s crop. 😉

10 Selected About Me Stories

As is the case nearly every week…

Elan Cassandra

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