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Writer and Writing Mentor. Screenwriter. Honest. Human. She/Her. @elancassandra on Instagram, @ElanCDuensing on Twitter.

Writer, screenwriter, person…?

Is there anything more sweat-inducing than the classic, “So tell me about yourself?” (Nope. I am literally sweating through my palms onto my keyboard right now.)

Don’t get me wrong; I think this publication is awesome! I just don’t know how to do this right.

There’s just something that feels futile and reductive about trying to tell someone who you are in the space of one Medium story.

But maybe I’m a little more f*cked up in regards to “about me’s” than your average bear.

See, back in the day, 10–12 years ago, I thought I was going to be…


But is my dad secretly talking to me?

My dad wrote this letter and gave it to me to make sure his youngest son — just eight months old now — receives it when needed in distant the future.

(He also told me I was welcome to use and publish it as I pleased.)

Though young at heart, my dad is much older than the typical father of a baby, and he occasionally worries about whether he will be able to be the dad he wants to be when his son is going through those crazy teenage years.

Or that’s what he told me his rationale was.



An open letter to my neighbor

My dad wrote an open letter to his neighbor and shared it with me to share on Medium. This seems perfect the place for it.

Dear D,

I look across the alley and see your lovely partner J embracing and preparing for motherhood, but it seems to me, without the support she wants and needs.

You previously asked for some tips, so I’m going to give you some overdue advice — some coaching, as it were.

I have four children from two partners spanning thirty years of active teamwork…and every day I touch base with my thirty-year-old between stints of…


From the desk of GOD

My father wrote this for Mother’s Day ten years ago and shared it with me this week. It’s a beautiful piece, and I thought you all would enjoy it.

From the desk of GOD

Well, it’s mother’s day again. I expect I will have all those women looking up at me again, asking about this tough job, this motherhood thing.

First, let me say creation is a wonderful power, but it’s not all that easy. I know I made it sound pretty simple…” In the beginning, etc etc etc, but…

The truth is, I did write all that, or rather, had that all written….but the…


It’d surprise the ‘me’ of several months ago…

Hi folks! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

You know, I think about all of you every day.

And my lack of participation here in any capacity over recent weeks and months has been a bit of a cloud hanging over my head. It’s not an ominous black cloud, mind you, but a cloud nonetheless.

So I wanted to explain, particularly for the sake of those who have been worried (Thank you!) where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing…

In short, I’ve been writing and publishing erotica.


Yep. And there’s actually a bit of a story to it.

New and interesting writers!

Hey Medium Family!

It’s time for another quick check-in from About Me Stories (which as of this moment, has 1,930 followers!).

Writers, thank you for your stories, your introspection, and your honesty.

Readers, I think you’re going to enjoy this week’s crop. 😉

10 Selected About Me Stories

As is the case nearly every week, we received some beautiful, funny, and insightful stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and I hope you find a new favorite Medium writer among those featured.

Without further, here are 10 ‘about me’ stories from 10 unique writers…

“I have a terrible habit of telling the story before the story before the story, like those nested Russian dolls.”

“When I graduated from University, my mom said to me, ‘I know you will never come home.’ I didn’t believe her at the time. But she was right.”

“I don’t mean that I was a bad person, or a mean person, or a malicious person, but simply that I was an asshole.”

“I don’t own a house or a retirement fund, but neither do I have a Bucket List, a job I hate, or all the answers.”

“My content comes from everyone and everything I encounter. I never run out of content because every day of my life — including some of my dreams — is content.”

“I am a true Aquarian by nature — obstinate, eccentric, unconventional, and friendly.”

“I am obsessed with achieving efficiency. This translates into a passion for spotting improvement opportunities in everything I do…”

“Right now I’d say I am someone who doesn’t smile as much as she once did. I’m deeply reflective with many stories fixated inside my skull.”

“People in my life aren’t quite ready to listen to my stories, but someone somewhere might be.”

“So, let’s see…where do I start? What do I put in the introduction of my introduction? My name? My birthday? My…fondness for funky socks?”

New and interesting writers!

Hey Medium Family!

It’s that time again. Time, that is, for another quick check-in from About Me Stories!

To those who wrote stories this week, thank you! It’s always very cool and inspiring to see the breadth of life experiences and interests that are represented here on Medium and in About Me Stories.

Weekly follower count update: 1,872. Wow. (I’m going to place my bet now that I’ll get to announce breaking that 2K mark in about three weeks' time.)

Shameless Plug

Before we get to the stories, I’ve got to slip in a quick publication plug. I want to make sure…

New and interesting writers!

Hey Medium Family!

Just another quick check-in from About Me Stories!

To those who wrote stories this week, thank you. They were thoughtful and fascinating, and reading them was an absolute pleasure.

The publication, crazy as this is, seems to be growing at a rate of about 50 followers per week, and as of today, there are 1,820 of you! ❤ (Woah.)

Shameless Plug

I just want to take a quick second to make sure you’ve heard about my publication, Introspection, Exposition, which showcases the work of honest and talented writers. …

New and interesting writers!

Hey Medium Family!

Once again today, I’m going to keep it short. But holy moly, this week’s stories were fantastic. Really.

After reading their ‘about me’ stories, I’m very much looking forward to getting to know this week’s writers better and reading more of their work.

Constantly growing, the beautiful community of the About Me Stories publication stands today at an impressive 1,766 followers! ❤

Shameless Plug

Before we get to the stories, I’ve got to slip in a quick publication plug. …


A message to those who refuse to love, accept, and forgive themselves

You know it’s impossible to be perfect, and still, there is this part of you that feels you must be.

You should be!

After all, you’re extremely competent. No, more than that. You excel at things. You put your best foot forward and you impress, and people know to expect the best from you.

So really, if anyone could be perfect, it would be you.

And if you could just be perfect, then you would be enough.

But you’re far from perfect.

Your imperfections make you feel like shit. Like a failure. …

Elan Cassandra

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