Ah yes, this is an important one, and perhaps a lifelong practice to cultivate.

I often have conversations with Millenials and Gen Z kids about expectations — the expectations we were sold. Our expectations about “finding ourselves,” about what happiness looks like, what success looks like, what age we’re meant to reach X things. The implicit expectations are so flawed, so damaging, and yet often so difficult to let go of.

And I could talk for hours about the insane expectations communicated unintentionally by my well-meaning parents. But I won’t. ;)

Expectations are not reality. This is reality. Today is reality.

Great list, Vishal.

Writer and Writing Mentor. Screenwriter. Honest. Human. She/Her. @elancassandra on Instagram, @ElanCDuensing on Twitter. https://linktr.ee/elancassandra

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