Are You Voting Today?

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Today, five US states will choose the candidates that will run for them in the upcoming midterm election: Michigan, Washington, Arizona, Missouri, and Kansas.

Congressional seats, governor’s offices, local races, and ballot initiatives (such as one restricting abortion in Kansas) all hang in the balance.

If you’re in one of those states, I’m talking right now to you:

In the name of everything that matters, if you are registered, get out there and vote.

Now, I get it if you’re demoralized or if you feel like it doesn’t matter who the hell gets elected. Nothing seems to get better. If anything, things have been getting worse.

But I truly believe that the primaries are the time when we have a chance at actual change. After all, it’s the one time we have any real set of options.

In the past, many of us have voted for the candidate we thought could win; not the one who excited us but felt like too much of a risk.

F that. Do you want a government that works for you?

Go out on a limb and vote for the person that you think would actually make a difference if they were given the chance.

Give them that chance.

But wait, you’re not sure who you believe in? You haven’t been keeping up with it?

That’s okay! There’s still time. Almost every candidate has a website, on which their take on the issues is laid out relatively succinctly, and you can get a feel for them in the time you’d typically spend on an Instagram break.

Follow the appropriate link below to see who’s running. Almost all the candidate websites are listed on their profile.

Check out the races and candidates:

Michigan, Washington, Arizona, Missouri, Kansas

Great. Ready to vote?

Find your voting site



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