I totally understand.

And I also would prefer that. But I also think that no father in many cases may be better than a bad father. And many parents who didn't want to be parents end up being bad parents.

The thing is, SO many fathers already abandon their children--choose not to be in their children's lives at all and sometimes even get out of paying any support.

I almost think, and of course, I'm sure this would be different for everyone--but I think I'd rather know my father had said "no baby for me" right from the outset while a decision could be made than in the months after I was born. I feel like it would be harder to have a distant father than knowing my mom had chosen to raise me when a man had said from the get-go that he didn't want to be involved. But again, that's just how I believe I'd feel about it.

But I wish every child had two active and loving parents. I really do.

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