This is adorable! I’m glad you got to have that with your dad. And from the oddest of origins.

I can identify with much of your sleep apnea experiences, except I did it all in reverse.

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea when I was three years old, after my mom kept having to move me around in my sleep so I didn’t stop breathing and die.

I used a CPAP machine from three years old until I was fifteen and decided I was never wearing it again. I hated that damn thing. Although I’d suspect they’ve come a long way since the ones I had back then.

Luckily, my sleep apnea seems to have gotten better over the years. I just had giant tonsils and apparently I’ve mostly grown into them.

These days, it’s my partner who snores and wakes up everyone (except for me — deep sleeper here).

Once his insurance switches over in the new year, I have half a mind to get him a sleep study…

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